Fully Installed Glass Dog Doors

The team at WA Glass Pet Doors specialise in the supply and installation of glass doggy doors. We offer the Transcat Dog Door and can install into any glass panel, including doors and windows. See our gallery for some images of installed in-the-glass pet doors, and examples of the glass dog doors we have installed right across Perth.

Transcat Dog Door

The Transcat Dog Door is a similar shape as the Transcat Cat Door – clear but significantly bigger. It is suitable for small dogs typically up to Beagle size.

In Glass Dog Doors and Cat Doors: The Transcat Pet Doors offer different sizes to best fit your pet, the largest door is 250mm high and 280mm wide. These size doors are perfect for cats and small to medium size dogs such as a beagle, however, larger dogs may not fit in the doors that we offer. We are able to custom cut glass if you are able to find another door that better suits your needs.

What the Transcat clear Dog can do for you.

The Transcat Dog Door has a 4 way locking system that allows for locking the door in either direction, both directions or not at all. It allows for easy control by the owner from both the inside & outside. Your dog can come and go without you having to stop what you are doing!


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